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DEMO CURRENT VERSION: 1.0.2 (Easter Update)

As played by FOX1988 and VoiaGamer!


Project Plasma is compatible with all versions of Windows starting from XP. It is not compatible with Mac or Linux however there is a prototype game based on Project Plasma (it's not a port, this game is a completely revamped version of PP) which can be downloaded for free for Android™ devices here.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.


The year is 2973. Space crime is rampant.

The Intergalactic Peace Patrol (IPP) are at high alert. Always a new crime going on, always a new space pirate about. The hours are long and the criminals are ruthless.

The human race has always had an unstable relationship with the highly advanced Opifexian race. This has been the case since the year 2590, however there has never been any sort of war or serious conflict between us.

Recently though, they have been seen gathering their numbers and acting aggressively towards human spacecraft.

What are they doing? Is there an uprising of some sort? Are they planning an attack on us... or worse?

Your task is to find that out...


  • 25 challenging levels!
  • Hidden extra content (boss attack, apocalypse, music hub and something else...)
  • Buy your own ammo! Choose what ammo you feel you need from the shop instead of making do with what the game gives you in the levels.
  • Epilepsy Mode to make the game more comfortable to play for people prone to seizures (a work in progress right now but it is slowly being improved!)
  • Multiple endings! (3 possible endings)
  • Coming in the next update - achievements and a new hidden boss!


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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